How to install StOMP

Current release version: StOMP 1.8

Squeak: (4.2 or later)

Hosted on SqueakSource Repository. (

From Monticello:


    location: ''

    user: ''

    password: ''

You can also use Installer:

Installer squeaksource

    project: 'MetacelloRepository';

    install: 'ConfigurationOfStOMP'.

(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfStOMP) perform: #load.

Pharo: (1.2 or later)

You can use Gofer:

Gofer new

  squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';

  package: 'ConfigurationOfStOMP';


(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfStOMP) perform: #load.

VisualWorks: (7.7 or later)

Hosted on Public Store Repository.

You can also download parcels:

VA Smalltalk: (8.0.3 or later)

Hosted on

Core: StOMP. Tests: StOMP Tests. (Prerequisites - MessagePack)

You can also download dat files:

Dolphin Smalltalk: (X6 or later)

Hosted on Google Code.

Download the zipped pac file: and follow the instruction on README file.

(Prerequisites - MessagePack for Smalltalk

Cuis Smalltalk: (4.2 or later)

Hosted on GitHub.

See the instruction in 

(Prerequisites -  MessagePack for Cuis)