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Other Smalltalk serializers:

  • SIXX
    • XML serializer runs on various Smalltalk dialects. StOMP borrows lots of hook methods from SIXX.
  • SRP (State Replication Protocol)
    • Multi-dialect binary serializer which supports data interchangeability and class shape changes. StOMP has similar design goals. SRP data is self-described and has some overheads, but data size tends to be smaller than StOMP when handling big object graph.
  • Fuel
    • A newly-introduced binary serializer for Pharo. Clustered serialization format enables faster materialization than other serializers(see FuelBenchmarks page). Fuel is suitable if your application reads data frequently. 
  • Xtreams
    • Generalized stream/iterator framework. Xtream has its own serializer (marshaller) but it is also possible to plug other serializers into Xtream. StOMP-Xtreams package is available for the integration with Xtream. StOMP can be plugged into Xtream as a marshaller.

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