Hook methods

For customizing serialization:
Object >> stompPrepareWriteIt is called before the instance is written in StOMP.
Object >> stompWriteValueReturn the object actually serialized.
Object >> stompAfterWrite It is called after the instance is written in StOMP.
Object >> stompTransientInstVarNames   Specify the instance variables that are not written in StOMP 
Object >> stompWriteContentTo: stompWriter Override this for determining written-representation entirely (most powerful)
Object >> stompInstVarNamed: varName writtenAs: writtenValue  Override this for customizing each instance variable content
Object >> stompBytes  Convenient method for customizing bits object content
Object >> stompDo: aBlockConvenient method for customizing collection object content 

For customizing deserialization:
Object >> stompInitializeIt is called immediately after the instance is read from StOMP
Object >> stompReadValueReturn the object for the client from the deserialized instance.
Behavior >> stompCreateInstanceFrom: stompReaderOverride this for deserialize object from customized representation (typically used in pairs with #stompWriteContentTo:)
Object >> stompInstVarAt: instVarIndex named: varName put: aValue Override this for customizing instance variable content loaded to the deserialized instance